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Monday, July 13, 2015

Fav Books

Assalamualaikum peeps,

    As I remember my old days when I was in secondary school, I don't love reading. I don't even have a book of my own, I only have textbooks which belong to my school lol.. and I never hang out in bookstores too, that is not me. That is what I remember lah he hee. But, I LOVE FORM 4 & 5 SCIENCE textbooks.

    Today I would love to do a bit review of my favorite books hehe. Not a full review, only to state what I love to read.

            The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (tak baca habis lagi sebab tak best sangat, maybe perlu baca bila dewasa sikit ahaha)

I have to arrange my books on a chair because I don't have a bookshelf


    I started following Dr. FL blog a long time ago, I love her writing because it so cool and her writing is good. Sangat santai dan sempoi. And been following her too and she is married now to Dr. Anwar Fazal. 

    Diagnosis & Diagnosis 2 indeed a good books, I love this book because it has a lot of medical terms. hahaha yes and I learned a lot of medical stuff too like, ETT which is an Endotracheal tube, tiub yang diletakkan di salur pernafasan semasa kecemasan and flat line which means no heartbeats. Dalam buku Diagnosis juga ada berserta ayat Al-Quran dalam Malay translation. Aku suka sebab setiap cerita yang digarapkan oleh penulis sangat best dan boleh membuatkan kita terfikir. So everyone should atleast have one of these okay? 

    There are one line and if Im not mistaken this were written by Dr. Fatin Liyana. She said "Allah kurniakan kita semua basic instinct, kita tahu siapa tak suka kita"

     Writers for Diagnosis is Dr. Anwar Fazal, Dr. Aizzat and Dr. Azah. For Diagnosis 2, we have 4 additional writers they are Dr. Fatin Liyana, Dr. Beni Rusani, Dr. Mafeits and Dr. Mahyuddin. You guys can follow Dr. Beni on Twitter too, his tweet handle is @heart_kl


     At first, I'm buying this book because it is my favorite month of the year hehe. Until I read the contents, I fell in love with some chapters, the way writer speaks in every word, I can feel it. Let me point out to you guys my favorite line in this book :) By the way, the writer is Amira Atiya.

    Buku yang lain-lain ada yang habis baca dan ada yang dah baca separuh, InsyaAllah jika ada buku yang best lagi, I will let you guys know. So what is your fav books? Share with me. Thank you to Liyana and Azza sebab you guys teman aku lama dalam bookstore Wangsa Maju ni ingat dak?

Liyana and Azza

Liyana and me

    p/s: All pictures are belong to me, psst, you guys can read quotes on mTumblr too. Thank you for reading.

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