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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Night Talks and Poems

Assalamualaikum peeps,

   Blur like almost 10 minutes trying to find the most suitable words for introduction, hahaha I always like that even when writing an essay too. After that, writing would flow smoothly. Ooh, I just remember and wanted to share with you guys, my father's birthday is tomorrow. He was born in Pasir Mas, Kelantan on July 13, 1966. He almost 50 I can't believe. Time flies so fast right? sobs. Even though Abah doesn't even know I have a blog and maybe he did know and he forgot, I want to wish you an eternal happiness, may Allah bless you forever and happy to whatever it takes. I do love you with all my heart and you are the first man ever I love. 

Did I mention to you guys that I love Lang Leav's poems? I followed her on Instagram too

I don't remember the exact date but this one is definitely before study week. We stopped by at Sushi King because Hazril is craving for Japanese cuisine. This is Anna and me, Raja Anis.

Azza and Hisam. Kesian kena makan Bento ye sams? hahaha.

     I am waiting patiently for a picture of me and my father actually, Dropbox took so long to sync my folder in my laptop. Thus, I found a Gallery inside a folder and came out with pictures of you guys. I miss you guys so much. And when I scrolling a Twitter just now, I love this one tweet about low maintenance friends and my mind goes to you guys. 

"Shoutout to my low maintenance friends, the ones you don't talk to for months bc ur both living life but when you meet up, there is nothing but love"

I received a Kad Raya and the sender is Hazril. He is so sweet for spoiling us with a lot of stuff, I appreciate your kindness Hazzy. Thank you for everything.

Last but not least, This is my father, Raja Razali. Thank you Abah. Thank you for everything you did for our family. I wuvvv you

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