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Friday, July 10, 2015

I am BACK guys!

Assalamualaikum peeps,

     After several months or maybe years I am not posting any post, now here I am, back in track. I pushed myself to start writing as its the only way to avoid myself narcissism on other social media. I meant by tweeting non-stop or scrolling Instagram without control and posted pictures unnecessarily. I am currently trying so hard to live my days without my phone since I'm on semester break so my parents would definitely not call me, I'm on their guards.

     First post after long hiatus should be entertaining right, lulz sorry guys you have to hear me talking to myself. So here, who else 24 hours on their phone and have the slightest desire to not to attach with their phone? Anyone? Or is it only me? Ahahaha 

     Okay let me introduce myself officially as I am the writer of this blog, Princess Diaries.
My given name is Raja Anis, 21 years and I was born in Kelantan on 3rd of October. Second year student in IIUM Gombak. That marks my journey as a degree student, majoring in Psychology. Worry not, I will blog in dwi-bahasa. Using Malay and also English. 

     So guys, my blog will consists of story about my daily life, sometimes I will share tips whenever I feel like a thinker hahaha.

     Its nearly Hari Raya, and the most exciting news to me is this year we are going back to Kelantan. After my only-left-grandmother from my father's side left us like two years ago, my family and I spending our Raya Holiday at Kuantan because we live here. There is no point to go back because the only reason, our grandmother is not there to celebrate Raya with us. That is what we think last year. After a very boring Raya di perantauan (trust me, really boring) my father decided to go back to Pasir Mas, we are going celebrating Raya at his sister's. 

     Okay enough, such a talker. hahahaha. If you guys did notice, my post is somehow not parallel. There is no connection between paragraph because I wrote what comes in my mind and that is why hehe. Sorry guys, will try to structure my writing in the next post.

I'm the one in the green emerald scarf, the yellow one is one of my best friends, Liyana Ahmad.

     Till next time, I will keep posting stories InshaAllah. And guys, dont forget to double or triple your good deeds, it will resulted in many many pahala. And we also dont know if we still get or have a chance to fasting next year, Allah know best. Do comments bellow if you guys have any curiosity about me or anything. I will reply InshAllah. Assalamualaikum.
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