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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Talk

Assalamualaikum peeps,

     Finally it's weekend, for those who are working they definitely love the weekend. As for me, I just love weekends as much as I love Monday. hahaha. Because I didn't work, obviously. When I was in semester two and one, I did have class on Saturday, but this class is not academic. Being IIUM student, we have to take Halaqah, this class is where you learnt about Al-Quran, did some hafazan and you need to tasmi'. Carry marks are 80 marks, and you only need to sit for a final exam which only left with 20 marks. Sounds so convincing but the credit hour is just one, If you get an A, it just make your slip looks better but it didn't bring up your CGPA that much. Hello, I'm talking based on experience hahaha. 

     Now I realized, Degree is just soooooo hard, I admit. When in CFS years, every semester I would get an A so easily, but now you know it is hard. I must struggle to be the best. 

 The Joyah's

My complete heartbeat, Orange scarf is Anna Aziz, Black scarf is Azza Hamzah, Floral scarf is Liyana Ahmad and the one in Deep Blue scarf is me, Raja Anis.

     Okay, enough of random rambling, I need to do some errands before Raya, a bit of stuff still isn't complete, till next post. If you guys have questions, do leave a comment below ya. Assalamualaikum.

" If you love someone, pray for their happiness, growth, peace, and pray for their success "
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